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Questions about live shopping?

Frequently asked questions

What is included in each plan?

Each plan includes a handpicked live host that will live stream on your store.

Every host we work with is based in the UK/US, and are native english speakers with backgrounds in public speaking/entertainment. They're very experienced at presenting products in an entertaining way.

They'll keep your website visitors interested and engaged with your products.

How are hosts trained to answer questions about my products and services?

During the signup process, you will be asked to provide information about your business. Think of it as FAQs. You tell us what types of questions we can expect from your website visitors and provide the answers to those questions.

Our project managers will review your website and add any information we find pertinent to your business or service offering to the Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base is a database of information about your business or service. This information is available to any live shopping host that answers an incoming chat from your site.

This is an ongoing process. All of our hosts are trained to add any additional information they learn about your business or service to your Knowledge Base.

Typically, our hosts can answer most questions easily within 3 to 4 days of the first live show.

Why should I hire a live shopping host for my website?

Unlike chatbots, live shopping hosts present a friendly face to website visitors.

Visitors trust websites with live shopping hosts a lot more than chatbots because they see a real human being behind the store that they can engage with.

This results in much higher conversion rates and time spent on site.

Why is the pricing for hiring a live shopping host so inexpensive?

We have built advanced technology that allows us to combine live video with previously recorded video.

This combination means that although our hosts aren't always live, whenever a customer watches our live streams and sends a message in the chat, they receive an instant response from the live shopping host via video. Visitors are not able to tell which parts are recorded and which parts are live.

This is what keeps our pricing so low. You are sharing the cost of hiring a live shopping host with other companies also using the service.

What if live shopping hosts are unable to answer customers questions?

There will be times when hosts won’t know the answer to a question and we will need more information from you or your team.

In these cases, hosts are trained to direct visitors to your existing customer support channels where they can receive specialised help. Hosts explain that we will follow up with them as soon as possible regarding their question or issue.

If the issue is urgent, we will contact you right away using the contact information you provided when signing up for the service. We can then add any information we learn during this process to the Knowledge Base for your site.

If the same issue or question arises in the future, hosts will be prepared with the proper answer. Live shopping hosts are trained to get the correct information to your visitors. We never guess the answer.

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