Live Streaming eCommerce is the Future

March 8, 2021
Live Streaming eCommerce is the Future

What are the benefits of combining Live Streaming and eCommerce?

Fundamentally, shoppers are visual creatures. Therefore combining eCommerce and live streaming into a new experience is becoming increasingly popular among e-commerce businesses. However, websites in general have been quite boring and only bigger commerce and social platforms such as Instagram, Alibaba, Taobao, etc. have been innovating with social and live shopping experiences. Emcee makes it easy to bring that same experience to your online store so you can redefine what it means to interact with your customer.

The power of live video streaming is immense and well-documented but online eCommerce sites have not fully utilized it in the same way with which live TV shopping networks have seized its potential. Research has shown that viewers prefer brands that use real and authentic content. The theory of connecting your loyal customers to your brand through live interaction has been around for a long time but now it's available for anyone with a website. One of the big advantages of Emcee is that you can create a real connection with your customers through live video, audio and chat!

E-commerce businesses are interacting with your customers via live video to showcase special events like product launches and fashion shows. Live video content has become a key element in how many shoppers decide what to buy. Even though it’s clear that live streaming is growing massively in popularity, many companies have not yet adopted it.

China Leads the way

While the lack of adoption of live streaming may be true for the majority of businesses in the western hemisphere. The same cannot be said about companies in China and South Korea. China leads the world when it comes to using live streaming for eCommerce purposes. Short video/live streaming platforms Kuaishou and Douyin have 50% and 25% market share for live streaming content in their Local Content sections, respectively. Similar to their western counterpart Tik Tok, these companies have all started to focus more on how live streaming and eCommerce work together.

The popularity of Live Shopping in China has now spread globally. For example, online retail giants such as Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, and eBay have all started to test the benefits of live streaming within their eCommerce platforms. With the incredible rise in adoption at large eCommerce companies, many small businesses are looking for a way to try it themselves. With the Emcee live streaming app, it's super easy to take your website to the next level.

How Emcee is Dominating Live Shopping

Emcee is an app that helps Shopify sites and other e-commerce platforms broadcast live video to your customers. Twenty years ago, television and print media were the only ways a store owner could communicate with their customers. However, today, it’s all about video and interactivity! Most importantly, you need to stay competitive online. Broadcasting live videos of your products and interacting with your customers is one way of how you do just that. Keeping customers engaged leads to higher sales and that is exactly what Emcee is focussing on, you have the ability to live stream directly on your Shopify website and keep visitors engaged to directly increase your average time-on-site and conversion rate.

Emcee helps retailers engage new website visitors through real-time video streaming. This innovative solution implements a live chat widget on your website. It delivers a seamless live experience for your audience. Now you can turn your website into a virtual storefront, welcome users with a unique live stream every time they visit and showcase new products or help a customer with their checkout! Above all, customers are able to ask questions that can be answered live in real-time!

Emcee allows visitors to interact with you by adding live streams directly to your online store. For example, users can view a product page while chatting live with a sales representative. According to 99firms, 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video than read a blog.



Imagine the benefits of having a live product showcase or influencer promotion shown natively on your website. In conclusion, live streaming is on the rise, and those who use it are selling more. Take advantage of live streaming and install Emcee today!